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Free 360

2009-02-19 16:46:40 by AmberDragon

So, I just went to one of those free 360 sites were you fill out a bajillion advertisements before you et any credit at all. So I was at about 80% close to getting my 360 when MY ACCOUNT WAS DELETED. I dunno, maybe they did it on purpose (scammers) or it really was just bad luck or a glitch. All I know is that I'm pretty pissed, and have sent a million complaint messages.


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2009-02-19 16:49:15

Those sites don't give you shit. They make you fill out ads and you get them money.


2009-04-24 19:25:34

hey, nathan. it's Reuben. That must suck for you.


2009-05-16 21:46:46

That seriously suck balls. Don't go to those fucking sites.


2009-07-18 12:46:22

loser! post a new thing, damnit!