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The animation was fluid, but the "special effects" were over the top, they were so much in your face that they took your attention away from the actual stick figures. Any second I thought I would have a seizure. Tune down on the special effects, or just make them less noticeable.


What, seriously? What the fuck have you done Egoraptor?


Something was wrong.

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Nothing Seems Solid

Very fun but the main problems I saw were that the camera shakes when you jump next to a wall and half of your player appears to be overlapping it. The animation for the stick figure looks very stiff and unnatural making what plays as an awesome game look like a mediocre one.

great game

The visuals were amazing, but it would have been better if the camera zoomed in on the area you were putting in, I could barely see any obstacles.

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I would have given this a ten, but I was disappointed that throughout the game almost no knew game mechanics were introduced. There was the dead Monster but there was only one level where it actually related to the puzzle. As for the game length I think it was perfect. (though I did use a walkthrough for the last level)

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Nutcasenightmare responds:

There were the Rubies and the Corpse Monsters, as an extension of the main game mechanics,
but I also wanted to focus on exploring simple mechanics in depth,
rather than introducing a bunch of disconnected mechanics superficially.

Thanks for the review!

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If the first 30 seconds don't interest me I don't finish the song. But this would be good background music for a game.


The best songs have stories within them.

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I like it

It sounds familiar but when I searched for "Pulse" I didn't find anything, it's a remix right?

Anyway, I thought it was good but should have had more violin. I like violin.

merlin responds:

It's a remix of a song I made! The original is called Land Locked (search to the left, under other songs I've made to hear the original) This song is all original by me, though :) thanks for the vote! And you're the first poster since I made it on the front page!

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Great pic, but Bush was involved with Goldman Sachs too, and it is a little confusing when you have so many different messages in one picture, but I guess I'll have to watch Invisible Empire to fully get it.


When has there been a girl on Newgrounds, this is revolutionary. Anyway, I like the painting but the face seems a little dis-proportioned.

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Sabtastic responds:

I actually know plenty of girls on here... lol
Thanks for the review, though. :P

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