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windows live movie maker

2009-08-21 23:40:21 by AmberDragon

A new movie maker came out called "Windows Live Movie Maker" which is the first in a new series, this one being made from scratch (again). I've experimented with it and found that it reads .gif images as if they were still (but WLMM can still read .mov if you were wondering). I've contacted Microsoft's "Live"division about the problem, and they gave me a caned answer. I hope in newer updates they will fix this, but for now I'll stick with Cyberlink.

You can download WLMM from this package:

Free 360

2009-02-19 16:46:40 by AmberDragon

So, I just went to one of those free 360 sites were you fill out a bajillion advertisements before you et any credit at all. So I was at about 80% close to getting my 360 when MY ACCOUNT WAS DELETED. I dunno, maybe they did it on purpose (scammers) or it really was just bad luck or a glitch. All I know is that I'm pretty pissed, and have sent a million complaint messages.